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About Us

Taking the correct decision at the right moment is extremely important especially for students. With a plethora of options concerning educational streams, choosing the appropriate stream as per ones calibre and potential can be intimidating. 

To avoid unnecessary confusions,it is best to turn to us. We have at our disposal a huge list of career consultants/educational consultants that have been guiding students in their career choice for years.

Our database on this particular platform comprises of relevant information concerning educational consultants that we have with us. Information about the consultants, their services and contact details, everything is absolutely genuine for you to bank upon.

What we do?

We help students to make proper overseas educational decisions. Our greatest expertise in the realm of overseas education has confirmed us as time-tested resource in assisting students to gain admission, for the suitable courses, in some of the best universities across the globe.

Our Team

We are an efficient team of committed and informed senior education counsellors and advisors who thoroughly comprehend the need of parents, students and sponsors. We strongly believe in superior customer service to the young talents and the client institution.

Our Mission

We follow a strong student-centric approach to counselling and thus offer students complete information about various institutions and the available options to allow students arrive at a sensible career decision. We provide friendly, confidential and professional services to students and address academic and career development of students

Our Vision

At our institution, we strongly believe that at the stage of further education, proper planning is required so that students tend to choose the most appropriate academic pathway. With this thought in mind, we help students by offering very comprehensive information on educational opportunities abroad. We believe in offering professional services to parents, students and our institutional clients.

Why us?

Our staffs and career counsellors have many years of experience in helping Indian students to get admission abroad. Throughout the period of study abroad, we provide comprehensive and successful backup services to our prized students. We have been successful in placing students in some of the top universities of the world. Our institution is known for conducting seminars to acquaint the students with International Higher Education System. Our office provides a complete support to students with respect to libraries, relevant study materials and proper guidance. We are known for building trustworthy relationship with our quality career counselling services.

Infrastructure for education facilities in India differ from state to state in India and to take an informed decision that could be rewarding in due course, you will need information on the infrastructure for education facilities for various states. Here you get all that you want to know about list of institutions for undergraduate and post graduate education in different states of India. While you get information on the development in education in India and about training on various educational projects, aids from the state government, you also come to know about educational institutions in Maharashtra which are the best and offering basic facilities at affordable cost to both Indian as well as foreign students. Want to know about which areas of specialized studies can be pursued in the state of India, you get all information here. Know more about the new colleges and research institutes which has augmented the growth of education in India and about universities that compete with others at the international level. Here at this site, we make sure that you are kept well informed on updated news on educational facilities in the states of India so that you are able to take a pragmatic decision and embark on your career path without any hassle.

Our message

Each of you have the needed worth, value and potential to make the wisest career move and attain big in life.